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AUGUST 2017:

You can get more information from our social media
pages. The Little Bee Hive has a public and private
Facebook page.

Our Private Page is for enrolled parents only and
includes photos taken daily and information
just for them.

This feed below is from our Public Facebook Page.



There's so much we could tell you about our
life at The Little Bee Hive here in Halls Head,
we don't actually know where to start!

The following will give you a little glimpse into
what we do, why we do it and how much our little
bee's enjoy it. I'm sure once you've read
our testimonials, you'll understand why The Little
Bee Hive really is an amazing start to an amazing life.

Check out more info on our Monthly
curriculum on The Hive page.

Now that you've got a kind of 'picture'
about the things The Little Bee Hive offers our
favourite little people, we can proudly share with you
some of the amazing feedback we regularly receive
from parents who have or still have children enrolled
with us. Do you need another cup of tea and
a new colouring book? Grab the latter HERE


"For an amazing start to an amazing life"

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